Treatment Alternatives

Treatment Alternatives We truly believe that each patient is unique and therefore requires an individualized orthodontic treatment plan. We pride ourselves on having a vast array of treatment alternatives that allow us to customize our treatment to each patient.

After thoroughly reviewing comprehensive diagnostic information, our doctors formulate a treatment plan specific to each patient. There are many possible combinations of treatment systems, often paired with a patient-friendly orthodontic appliance to achieve the desired result. Although we couldn't possibly elaborate on all the treatment approaches that we utilize, described below are some of our more common systems used to address orthodontic problems.

  1. Insignia™ System of Braces

  2. Orthos™ System of Braces

  3. Damon® System of Braces

  4. Invisalign® System

  5. Aesthetic System of Braces

  6. Surgical Orthodontics

  7. Temporary Anchorage Devices

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