About Orthodontics

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About Orthodontics
  1. What is orthodontics?

  2. What is Dentofacial Orthopedics?

  3. What is an orthodontist?

  4. What is the American Association of Orthodontists?

  5. At what age can people have orthodontic treatment?

  6. What causes orthodontic problems (malocclusions)?

  7. What are the most commonly treated orthodontic problems?

  8. Why is orthodontic treatment important?

  9. I recently took my child to an orthodontist for an orthodontic screening. The orthodontist recommended treatment. Should I seek a second opinion?

  10. What does orthodontic treatment cost?

  11. How long will orthodontic treatment take?

  12. What are orthodontic study (diagnostic) records?

  13. How is treatment accomplished?

  14. Are there less noticeable braces?

  15. How have new "high-tech" wires changed orthodontics?

  16. How do braces feel?

  17. Do teeth with braces need special care?

  18. How important is patient cooperation during orthodontic treatment?

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